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     A road trip into the Ozark mountains with her step-father leads Melissa to the Boone docks, where the Boone family has lived for a hundred years. She learns about the infamous Hatfield and McCoy feud as well as out-houses, long-legged spiders and Bluegrass music.

     She gets her first taste of sassafrass tea. And when her mischievous cousins add a secret ingredient to the tea, Missy is transported to a place with a castle, a dragon and a handsome earl with a Scottish accent. Melissa tries to dismiss this dream, as she has dismissed so many similar ones recently. But this one was so vivid, she can not help thinking it meant something.

     Finally, she is introduced to a dusty, old Celtic harp that transforms itself at her very touch. Melissa realizes that her destiny has been predetermined. And, like it or not, her life was about to change.

Born on St. Patrick's Day

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